Interior by «Lolot design». Publicity photo

Latvian designer Santa Meikulāne will receive the prestigious «American Architecture Prize 2017» for the interior design of «Villa A» private house during the award ceremony in New York on October 27. The private house project created by «Lolot design» and «Outofbox» architects has already won in the international architecture and design competition «Architizer A+Awards».

Stories Editorial October 10, 2017

The authors of the holiday villa, also known as «Villa A», are architects Pēteris Bajārs and Toms Loris from «Outofbox» architecture studio, while the interior design was created by «Lolot design» designers Santa Meikulāne and Zane Kubiloviča.

The design of «Villa A» has won in category «Home interior». «American Architecture Prize» is awarded in 41 categories and is considered to be one of the most prominent industry competitions, which has a jury of 30 experienced experts to choose the winners. The award was created to discover and introduce to the world the most talented architects and interior designers — visionaries, and their amazing works. All «American Architecture Prize 2017» winners are listed here.

«We live in a global world, and creativity without borders is the new reality of our time. Therefore, everything that is made in Latvia must be created with a thought that it must be good enough for the world. The form, be it an important public building or a private house, makes no difference, since environment matters both on macro and micro levels,» says Santa Meikulāne, whose work was also recognised in the architecture and design competition «Architizer A+Awards» in May.