The first Italian–made collection of Elīna Dobele

The footwear brand Elīna Dobele has presented its latest autumn–winter collection of boots and accessories, which reinterprets already beloved models by adding a more modern heel and a more substantial sole. With this collection, the brand is launching its footwear production in Italy.

Stories - Fold, November 13, 2019

Interactive book series «How Shammies Studied»

The publishing house «Liels un mazs» has released a new interactive problem-solving book series for pre-schoolers «How Shammies Studied». The first two books are now available — «Shammies at the Table» and «Shammy Town». The books are accompanied by a special helper — a talking pen, a digital device that allows the books not only to be read, browsed and looked at, but listened to as well.

Stories - Fold, November 12, 2019

Conversations on publishing and design

On Friday, November 8 from 14.00 to 19.00, the Ģertrūdes Street Theatre in Riga will host the sixth edition of Conversations, an event dedicated to publishing and design.

Stories - Fold, November 6, 2019


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