Latvian Sound Designers Club — goals and intentions

A new association, the Latvian Sound Designers Club, has been established on the initiative of several independent professionals in the audio industry. The club’s aim is to promote the development of Latvian design and audio branding. To do so, the association has united several local sound studios such as «Dirty Deal Audio», «Mute Studija», «Ierakstu Māja», «Studija Marts» and «Pandora Media Dubbing».

Stories - Fold, April 23, 2019

Healthy self–irony. Interview with Una Rozenbauma

At the beginning of April, the annual Latvian Design Award was awarded to the campaign «#Iamintrovert» — a witty and skilfully developed set of activities that not only popularize Latvian literature abroad but also encourage reflection on shaping the country’s image as such. The creative director of the campaign is Una Rozenbauma, who has been for years successfully combining two professional passions — cinema and advertising. This conversation is about these passions, and Una also explains why honesty is better than pretence, and why humour is better than being too serious.

Interviews - Veronika Viļuma, April 18, 2019

Children’s fashion collection «Wonderland» by «Hebe»

In anticipation of the summer season, the clothing brand «Hebe» has collaborated with painter Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa to create «Wonderland» — a special collection for the whole family, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novel «Alice in Wonderland».

Stories - Fold, April 11, 2019


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