Upwards–Downwards. Interview with Jēkabs Dimiters

An expert in both carpentry and filming, and having a great intuition when it comes to marketing, Jēkabs Dimiters is a real 21st century carpenter. Four years ago he founded a brand called John Neeman Tools and began producing workman’s tools that soon became widely recognized throughout the world for their high quality and an image of a mysterious team of craftsmen behind Jēkabs’ photographs and short films.

Masters - Evelīna Ozola, July 28, 2016

«Startup Wise Guys» accelerator for B2B start–ups

Until July 31 B2B start–ups can apply for the very first start–up accelerator in Latvia, founded by «Startup Wise Guys» (SWG) in partnership with «Lattelecom». The accelerator will offer not only a mentoring programme and curriculum, but also 20.000 euros in early investment.

Support - Fold, July 28, 2016

«One Wolf’s» phantom city

The 2017 spring–summer collection of the brand «One Wolf» features unisex garments with simple lines and ascetic silhouettes.

Stories - Fold, July 27, 2016


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