Naked Truth Nº116—Zigmārs Jauja

Until the end of this week an exhibition that reveals the scenes from the once popular Soviet Latvian film theatre «Palladium» is on view at the cinema «Splendid Palace» as a part of the Riga International Film Festival programme. The authors of the exhibition are photographer Andrejs Strokins and architect Zigmārs Jauja. In parallel to his work at the architectural office «NRJA», Zigmārs searches and finds traces of the past and collects them in his projects «Hidden Riga» («Paslēptā Rīga») and «Searching for Lost Cinemas» («Zudušos kinoteātrus meklējot»).

Naked Truths - Fold, October 21, 2016

R. Schmaeling’s conference «How to empower Rigans?»

On October 27, the fourth Reinhold Schmaeling’s conference will take place in Riga, this year focusing on public involvement and empowerment to plan for a better future for Riga city. The conference invites professionals of architecture, construction and related fields, as well as every citizen who cares for the development of city.

Stories - Fold, October 17, 2016


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