Exhibition Cloak and Dagger at the Zuzeum Art Centre

As museums and art centres reopen after months of lockdown and restrictions, Zuzeum invites to the second exhibition of its inaugural year, Cloak and Dagger: India’s Fictional Times, showcasing contemporary painting, sculpture and graphic art from the Zuzāns Collection. The purpose of this exhibition is to offer the viewer a focussed lens with which to engage the vast array of works, frameworks and disciplines present in modern and contemporary art from India.

Stories - Editorial, June 15, 2021

Fashion collection Melancholia V by Iveta Vecmane

Melancholia V is the fifth observation fashion designer Iveta Vecmane has made about a woman’s strength, this time allowing to feel the long-awaited freedom of the summer. With this collection, Vecmane starts a new tradition by offering two collections a year, thus distinguishing between winter and summer clothing lines. Melancholia V also marks the opening of the designer’s brand store.

Stories - Paula Gāgane, June 14, 2021


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