Visual identity of Saulkrasti by «Azai Studios»

Last week, reports appeared in Latvian media about Saulkrasti Municipality’s expenses for the development of a new visual identity on the eve of the territorial reform. The new brand concept has been portrayed as «drawing eight straight lines and describing a peaceful and family-oriented municipality». We asked graphic designer Krists Dārziņš, the author of the new visual identity of Saulkrasti Municipality, to explain how much work has actually been put into the eight lines of the logo.

Stories - Fold, January 22, 2020

Swamp Boardwalk for the Latgale Zoo in Daugavpils

Swamp Boardwalk, an entry by «Trīs arhitektūra» and «Sudraba arhitektūra», was recently announced the winner of the architectural design competition for new educational buildings and landscaping in the grounds of the Latgale Zoo in Daugavpils.

Stories - Fold, January 6, 2020


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