Hidden Life. A Homosexual’s Diary 1927–1949

The association Ascendum, in collaboration with the LGBT+ alliance Mozaīka, kas published the first volume of the diaries of Kaspars Aleksandrs Irbe, a long-term resident of Jūrmala. His journals track his whole life of nearly 70 years, making it a unique historical material, whose existence was revealed to the wider public only after the author’s death. Being a gay man, Irbe kept his diaries a secret.

Stories - Editorial, September 27, 2021

Baltic design exhibition Tactile Baltics opens in London

On Tuesday, September 21, the joint Baltic design exhibition Tactile Baltics opened in London. It is included in the official programme of the London Design Festival and the destination Shoreditch Design Triangle. Each country exhibits 12 works, of which six collectible design pieces are also included in the virtual design collection Adorno London 2021 and can also be viewed digitally.

Stories - Editorial, September 24, 2021


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