Cover photo by Māris Lapiņš, design by Madara Krieviņa

This fall «Modernists» magazine inspires to rearrange environment for life and work and offers to choose between works by Baltic fashion and accessory designers.

Stories Editorial October 1, 2014

The magazine’s autumn issue invites to rediscover two houses built as creative workspaces by artists gifted with an architect’s talent. The theatre director’s Eduards Smiļģis villa in Pārdaugava with elements of modernism and art deco is a typical urban residence, whereas the home of Jansons family of sculptors in Cesis with its romantic surroundings and family relics it represents an alternative lifestyle.

This issue looks at the breakthrough of Latvian fashion after the economic crisis, concluding that activity on social networks, participation in international trade fairs, professionally organised online stores and geography of sales has helped fashion free itself from the status of a subculture and individual tailoring. The theme is further supported by an article on popular culture in music and fashion of the 1960ies — for the first time the history of Women’s Vocal Ensemble has been summarised, and Ieva Lūkina, a former model of the fashion house «Rīgas Modeļu nams» talks about her career at a time when the political system limited the emergence of versatile personalities.

The wine and food sections celebrate 20 years with restaurants «Vincents» and «Osiris», but the lost heritage column is dedicated to Latvia–made rugs.