Visual identity of the exhibition by Dārta Losāne

«Design Jam», an exhibition of Saint–Étienne’s public interiors and urban solutions «Design Jam», looking into the design process and defining the collaboration between a designer and a user as a prerequisite of qualitative design, takes place in the courtyard of architecture and design studio «Xcelsior» until December 31.

Stories Editorial December 4, 2014

The exhibition displays design projects carried out by the Saint–Étienne–based platform «Cité du design» that has been created for developing science, research and entrepreneurship through the perspective of design and art. Public interiors of kindergartens, schools, hotels, stores, tourism offices and solutions of public transportation and mobility systems, public spaces characterise the city’s determination to involve society in finding the most successful approach for integrating design into the public space. The examples of France demonstrate an outstanding collaboration among designers, schools and municipalities, and tell about cities that trust design as a means to providee a better standard of living for everyone.

Saint–Étienne as a design city is highly appreciated not only in France but also worldwide, and has obtained the UNESCO City of Design title, furthermore the Saint–Étienne Higher School of Art and Design — the front–runner of all the art schools under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, has founded the International design biennial and the organisation for creativity and innovation «Cité du design» that combines higher education, research, industry, communication, design and culture, while functioning as an environment for experimentation.

The exposition features examples of human centred design approach in the urban landscape and the concept of «City for All». The exhibition is a story about diverse methods that, applied in various situations, serve as a tool for testing and verifying design solutions before carrying them out in practice. In addition to the French examples, the exhibition will give an insight into the experience of young Latvian designers that explored design processes in creative workshops lead by the Austrian information design expert Martin Foessleitner for the design students of the Art Academy of Latvia and culture management students of the Latvian Academy of Culture this autumn in Riga and Jurmala. The exposition will also include short films «UNESCO creative design city Saint–Etienne», «I’m a part of my school’s reconstruction», «Metamorphosis — the involvement of inhabitants» from France with subtitles in English, as well as a video of the propositions for Jurmala’s urban environment solutions conceived during the creative workshops.

The international core of «Design Jam» exhibition has been created in collaboration between «Cité du design» and the Design month Graz. The exhibition design has been created by Maria Negrão and Isabel Reichel under the guidance of professor Erika Thümmel.

Exhibition «Design Jam» is open for public in the courtyard of architecture and design studio «Xcelsior» at Raņķa dambis 1, Riga, until December 31 on weekdays from 10.00 to 19.00, free of charge. The exhibition takes place in the framework of the 10th International «Design. Future 2014» festival and is a part of «Riga — European Capital of Culture 2014» programme.