Naked Truth Nº128 — Signe Baumane

The New York–based Latvian director and artist Signe Baumane is currently working on her new animated feature film «My Love Affair With Marriage». Similar as the internationally acclaimed «Rocks in My Pockets», this will also be an intimate story of woman’s relationship with herself and others, based in Signe’s personal experience. One of its characters will be voiced by Matthew Modine from the popular series «Stranger Things», but to help Signe carry out her plans everyone can support the project on «Kickstarter».

Naked Truths Editorial February 3, 2017

«There are many artists today. In the race of who will be able to survive only with their art, the winner is the «artist–sewing machine» — the one who can not only do the job, but also maintain contacts with thousands of followers at the same time. It is a huge workload that one has to withstand.»