Illustration — Sintija Ģērmane

This year thirty–six young designers graduate from the Faculty of Design of the Arts Academy of Latvia. Their projects focus on the user of design and answer the question «Design — for whom?»

Stories Editorial June 5, 2013

From June 5 to July 20 Design graduates’ days will take place at the Art Academy of Latvia (LMA). The programme includes an exhibition, a seminar and public presentations. In the Faculty of Design students are trained in functional design, environmental art, metal design and fashion design.

The name «Kam?» translates as «For whom?» and emphasizes a designer’s tasks and responsibility towards the user of the design. «If the design is good, trousers fit perfectly and a sofa is truly comfortable. Everything goes the right way, design makes life easier and brings joy to it. Design is present in every item we use and every process we are involved in. We are all users of design, but we are not always aware of it,» explain the young design graduates.

Design graduates’ days 2013

June 5 at 18.00

Exhibition opening in LMA creative space (former sports hall). Opening times — Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Thursday 11.00–19.00, break every day 14.30–15.00. Entrance is free of charge.

June 6 at 10.00

Presentations of Bachelors’  projects in LMA creative space.

June 12 at 10.00

Presentations of Masters’ projects in LMA creative space.

June 13 at 11.00

Presentations of final projects, meetings with entrepreneurs, students of other universities and lecturers in LMA creative space.

June 13 at 19.00

PechaKucha in LMA building No. 2 (the new annex).

June 21 at 17.00

Graduation of Bachelors in LMA assembly hall.

June 28 at 17.00

Graduation of Masters in LMA assembly hall.