Naked Truth Nº37 — Gatis Mūrnieks

Last week Latvians worldwide were united by the XXV Nationwide Song and XV Dance Celebration. This time it had an attractive visual identity; and everyone was given a chance to create their own version of the festival’s logo by singing. The person responsible for all that was the Celebration’s creative director — head of «McCann Worldgroup Riga» Gatis Mūrnieks.

Naked Truths Editorial July 12, 2013

«Go outside. You can’t expect a new result if you don’t change the process itself. I went to Kauguri to build «Friends’ raft»; the green mask models for «OKarte» were made in a sculptor’s studio in Pārdaugava, but the Song Festival’s «Sound wreath» logo came about while spending a whole day filming elderly women in the Botanical Garden. You can’t figure it out, sitting in an office.»