Illustration — Edvards Percevs

On October 30, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design will begin the second season of the series «A Word to Latvian designers», this time focusing on stories about the making of projects.

Stories Editorial October 21, 2013

The lecture series «A Word to Latvian Designers» began in autumn of 2012 with the aim to make the larger public aware of design issues, introduce with professionals of the field and build recognition of Latvian design. The events gained a large popularity, attracting around 200 visitors each time.

From October 2013 to April 2014 on the last Wednesday of each month artists, designers and architects will reveal the backstage of their projects — from the birth of the creative idea to successes and failures during its execution. Among the guests are Zane Tetere, Anna Heinrihsone, Rolands Pēterkops, Artis Štamgūts, Ingrīda Zābere, Zaiga Gaile, Juris Mitenbergs, Evelīna Ozola, Jekaterina Stakle, Helēna Gūtmane, Liene Drāzniece, Miķelis Baštiks, and others.

«A Word to Latvian Designers» events

«Design and space», October 30, 2013, at 17.00

Zane Tetere, architect, «Open AD»
Inese Elizabete Brimerberga, designer, «Esetti»
Reinis Liepiņš, architect, «Sudraba arhitektūra»
Anna Heinrihsone, artist, set designer

«Design and fashion», November 27,2013, at 17.00

Rolands Pēterkops, fashion designer, «Mareunrol’s»
Keta Gūtmane,  fashion designer
Artis Štamgūts,  fashion designer
Ingrīda Zābere,  fashion designer, «»

«Design and architecture», January 29, 2014, at 17.00

Juris Mitenbergs, architect, «AB3D»
Miķelis Putrāms, architect, «MADE arhitekti»
Zaiga Gaile, architect, «Zaigas Gailes birojs»
Mārtiņš Pīlēns, architect, «1 PLUS 1»

«Design and environment», February 26, 2014, at 17.00

Helēna Gūtmane, landscape designer, urbanist, «Alps»
Guna Poga, designer
Jekaterina Stakle, designer, «Iesakņotāji»
Evelīna Ozola, architect, urbanist

«Design and books», March 26, 2014, at 17.00

Rūta Briede, artist, designer, «Biki–Buks»
Juris Petraškevičs, artist, designer
Anta Pence, artist, designer
Indra Sproģe, artist, designer

«Design and graphics», April 30, 2014, at 17.00

Liene Drāzniece, graphic designer
Kirils Kirasirovs, graphic designer
Jānis Birznieks, graphic designer, «DDB Latvia»
Miķelis Baštiks, graphic designer, «Asketic»


Videos of all «A Word to Latvian Designers» events are available on the Youtube channel of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

Lecture series «A Word to Latvian Designers» take place at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Skārņu iela 10/20. Entry to all events is free, no registration needed. Working language of the whole series is Latvian.

The project is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.