Naked Truth Nº79 — Mārtiņš Mielavs

Within a couple of years, «Piens Fest» has grown from a small courtyard event into a saturated one–day festival, bringing music and entertainment to various locations in Riga. This Sunday, June 8, «Piens Fest Ziemeļblāzma» will take place in Vecmīlgrāvis. We asked Mārtiņš Mielavs, one of its organisers, how to make a good festival?

Naked Truths Editorial June 6, 2014

«First of all, celebrate life. Go to the pool in the middle of the day or have a drink on a Monday morning. Secondly, think of the form as much as of the content. The first impression is important; try to create a feeling of a «miracle» from the moment one enters the space. Beauty is festive. Third, link your interests. For example, film and festivals. Fourth, get ready in time.»