«Silly sausage» by Roberts Rūrāns

On May 29 at 19.00 solo show «Idioms» of Roberts Rūrāns opens at the Kaņepe Culture Centre in Riga. The exhibition features visual interpretations of Latvian idioms.

Stories Editorial May 25, 2015

All of us use idioms in everyday conversations, taking their meaning for granted and not even realising how funny or odd they may sound. Have you noticed that Latvians threat someone with «showing where the crayfish winter», encourage someone with «stepping over themselves» and reproach grumpy kids for being «sour pots»? The illustrated idioms series feature such expressions as «bear’s favour», «pig’s luck», «under four eyes», «silly sausage» and others, that invite to take a look at the ordinary in a different light and rediscover Latvian language.

Roberts Rūrāns draws illustrations for printed publications, creates works of graphic design and street art, and he is one of the founders of «Popper» magazine. His illustrations radiate humour and feature peculiar little creatures.

At the opening, both the original graphic works of Roberts Rūrāns, and a magazine devoted to this project will be available for purchase. The exhibition will be open from May 29 to June 12 from 13.00 to 19.00 at the Kaņepe Culture Centre in Riga, Skolas iela 15.

The project is supported by «Arctic Paper», State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia and «Popper Publishing».