Photo by «John Neeman Tools»

Tomorrow, March 24, an exhibition of «John Neeman Tools» woodworking tools, hunter’s and chef’s knives opens at the Historical Complex of Sigulda Castle. This is the first ever opportunity for the wider public to view the instruments handmade in the Latvian countryside and sold worldwide.

Stories Editorial March 23, 2016

«John Neeman Tools» is a brotherhood of skilled craftsmen united by their love for handwork and ancient traditions. They use knowledge passed down through generations and carefully selected materials to make outstanding quality woodworking tools and knives. The work of «John Neeman Tools» bladesmiths and woodworkers keeps Latvian craftsmanship traditions alive and reminds us of the true joy of creation that can be found in meaningful handwork.

«John Neeman Tools» was founded by carpenter Jacob Dimiter. Historical research and crafts are his calling while the experience acquired in film industry helps him tell captivating stories about the brand’s tools and the craftsmen whose hands have given them life. In four years «John Neeman Tools» has grown to a modern platform that brings together craftsmen in Latvia and Estonia and communicates with clients from all over the world. However, Jacob and his men are not interested in manufacturing — they have defined uniqueness and high quality as their values that can only be achieved through unhurried and accurate manual labour. To become an owner of a «John Neeman Tools» item one may have to wait for up to a year.

Over time, «John Neeman Tools» collection of woodworking tools, axes and knives has expanded to bows, leather bags and belts, watches and even skis. All «John Neeman Tools» products are given a lifetime warranty. «John Neeman Tools» instruments are not available in stores and up until now the general public was only able to view them online. This is the first ever «John Neeman Tools» exhibition.

The exhibition will be open from March 25 to April 30 at the Historical Complex of Sigulda Castle, Pils iela 16. Opening of the exhibition on March 24 at 16.00–19.00. Opening times: from March 25 to 28 (Easter holiday) 11.00–17.00, March 29 — closed, from March 30 to April 30 — Tuesday to Friday 9.00–17.00, Saturday to Sunday 11.00–17.00, Mondays — closed.

The exhibition is organised by MAD International Summer School of Design in cooperation with the Historical Complex of Sigulda Castle. Supported by State Culture Capital Foundation. Exhibition design by Rihards Funts, «RIJADA».