Naked Truth Nº120 — Ernests Jenavs

On November 23 the Latvian parliament approved a new law to create a tax regime, one not matched anywhere else in Europe, that will effectively double venture capital investors’ money in young Latvian start–ups. This law, which will enter into force from January 1, 2017, is seen as part of a wider push to make Latvia an attractive base for start–ups. One of the most successful Latvian start–up is EdTech company «Edurio» which attracted record large EU grant in summer. This week, an advice from its co–founder Ernest Jenavs.

Naked Truths Editorial November 25, 2016

«Don’t found a start–up just because you want to be an entrepreneur. Acquiring the skills needed for business is easy. But not everyone who learns to draw becomes a successful artist. A great artist manages to find an emotion and capture it in their work. Similarly, a successful entrepreneur is able to locate a problem that can’t be avoided with the currently available means, and offer an excellent solution to it. The ones who see this problem are usually those who experience it.»