Naked Truth Nº121 — Anna Vaivare

Anna Vaivare is an architect and illustrator who draws comics and illustrations, with great skill visualising even the most complex messages. She has made illustrations for two children’s books of publishing house «Liels un mazs», Anna’s comic strips have been published in magazines «kuš!» and «Benji Knewman», as well as exhibited in Latvia and internationally. Her most recent creations are whole–hearted drawings on porcelain plates by «Mjau», featuring cats, crows, a dog, and a helicopter.

Naked Truths Editorial December 2, 2016

«You can figure something out if you think about it, and get something done, if you do it. Inspiration is a good thing, but don’t underestimate the seemingly unproductive part of the process, when nothing makes sense yet. The more something occupies your mind, the bigger is the chance for the necessary components of a good idea to connect.»