Naked Truth Nº125 — Ilze Paklone

At the end of last year, the Japan–based architecture magazine «a+u» published a special issue — Nº555 «Feature: Latvia — Architecture Unfolding» — a profound publication on Latvian architecture, unprecedented in Japan. The guest editor of the issue is Dr. Arch. Ilze Paklone, a Latvian architect who has conducted her PhD work in Tokyo University and is co–founder of «Studio Wasabi» in Japan. She has also worked at the architecture offices «Wiel Arets Architects» in the Netherlands and «NRJA» in Latvia.

Naked Truths Editorial January 13, 2017

«How can Latvian architects gain greater recognition abroad? They should choose wisely between opportunities that aren’t yet available and will never be offered just like that. They should take the initiative and, when the time comes for the events, opportunities, interests and experiences to finally connect, they must react without any hesitation.»