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Designers, design studios, manufacturers and institutions of design disciplines are invited to participate in the «Total Change Nieuwe Global Gestaltung #001» exhibition during the «State of Design» festival, which takes place in Berlin from June 1 to June 4 within the framework of Berlin Design Week.

Stories Editorial March 3, 2017

The second edition of the yearly festival «State of Design» in Berlin will run from June 1 to June 4 at the Vollgutlager of the Alte Kindl Brauerei in Neukölln. With a program that includes exhibitions, talks, and a film day, the main event of the Berlin Design Week will debate future design by triggering crossovers between the rapidly growing categories in the field, such as product–, industrial–, experimental­–, critical– and social design. The festival will be a four–day platform of exchange where anyone interested in design can meet designers and other German and international professionals.

Together with «Alles Neu, Nieuwe German Gestaltung #006», the sixth edition in an exhibition series on contemporary German design, «Total Change» will form a diptych which will be the major event of «State of Design, Berlin», the leading design event in Berlin founded only in 2016. «Total Change» and «Alles Neu» will both be curated by the directors of the festival Alexandra Klatt and Max Borka. Alexandra Klatt is the former operational director of Designtage Brandenburg, while Max Borka is a former director of the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk and «designbrussels».

«State of Design» aims to present modern and innovative design from Germany and abroad. The entries for the exhibition are open to designers, design studios, manufacturers and institutions of various design disciplines starting with jewelry, fashion, product design, communication design, graphic design and finishing with architecture and city planning.

The participants will have an opportunity to find new contacts and customers and will be presented at the website of the festival and its catalogue. The participants can also hold a lecture during the event.


The entries are open to the «Total Change Nieuwe Global Gestaltung #001» exhibition until March 31. More information and the registration form can be found on the website of the «State of Design» festival.