Naked Truth Nº133 — Ilze Kalnbērziņa–Praz

In the first competition of the National Design Award of Latvia the second place was granted to designer Ilze Kalnbērziņa–Praz for the exhibition «The Imprint of Civilization: Book Culture in Literary China (900–1900 AD)», which took place at the National Library of Latvia in 2015.
The jury appreciated its clear message as well as the opportunity for the viewer to explore the Chinese books by the sense of touch.

Naked Truths Editorial March 10, 2017

«When creating exhibition design, it is irrelevant to think about other exhibitions. One must think about difficulties related to the materialisation of the specific idea in the chosen space, about light and sound, feelings of the viewer, conflicts of the visions by exhibition creators. All of these problems are design potential and if one manages to solve them in one composition, then the exhibition design has succeeded.»