Naked Truth Nº137 — Mārcis Ziemiņš

In his creative work, young Latvian designer Mārcis Ziemiņš combines a contemporary approach with traditional values that shows both in the materials he uses and the way Mārcis thinks. Until April 13, his Smallest Sauna on Earth, a graduation project at the Eindhoven Design Academy, is on view at the design and contemporary art exhibition «MAD Days Riga» by the Summer School of Design MAD at Dzirnavu iela 41, Riga.

Naked Truths Editorial April 7, 2017

«Every creative person has many ideas. Professionalism arises when the ideas are implemented as close as possible to their original meaning, using all available means of expression and methods. The closer the result is to the original idea the more satisfaction it gives. While the mistakes in the process sometimes create new ideas.»