Naked Truth Nº177 — Imants Ozoliņš

This evening, February 23, Dzintari Concert Hall will host the ceremony «Jūrmala City’s Annual Award in Culture 2017». Lifetime achievement awards will be given to the painter and writer Uldis Zemzaris and the graphic artist Imants Ozoliņš. Ozoliņš is one of the greatest masters of Latvian applied graphic art with experience of more than 40 years. He has created logotypes and labels for various companies, as well as worked as a book illustrator. The permanent exhibition of his works can be seen at the exhibition hall «IO» in Vaivari, Jūrmala.

Naked Truths Editorial February 23, 2018

«It’s silly to be stuck in someone else’s work. One must find one’s own signature. If there is hard work as the basis, it will come naturally; without hard work, there will be nothing.»