Naked Truth Nº188 — Artis Štamgūts

On June 6, the Art Academy of Latvia student’s fashion show will take place at the premises of the former textile factory «Rīgas manufaktūra» at Brīvības gatve 401, Riga. It will showcase collections, created by the students of Fashion Design at the Department of Design during the last academic year. The main theme of the fashion show is the colourful 1990s, which is the time of the founding of the Fashion Art Department. Artis Štamgūts is a graduate and associate professor at the Academy, and he regularly participates in fashion shows with collections by his own brand «Status by Shtamguts».

Naked Truths Editorial May 26, 2018

«If you are not using your own design, why would you think that someone else will want to do it? At the same time, when creating collections, do not take yourself as the reference point, since it will not lead to experiments and discoveries of new horizons.»