Naked Truth Nº197 — Kristaps Šteimanis

222 works have been submitted to the annual festival of creative excellence «Adwards». They will be evaluated by a panel of international jury. One of its members is the art director of the digital agency «Cube», designer Kristaps Šteimanis. He will also hold a lecture «Being Master of None» on August 31 when the «Adwards2018 Talks & Stories» will take place. Kristaps has more than 10 years of experience in multidisciplinary design and his focus is digital solutions for brands of various sizes and fields. Last year, his project «Nutcracker» for the airline «AirBaltic» received the «Adwards» Grand Prix.

Naked Truths Editorial August 24, 2018

«There is no room for divisibility or coincidence to achieve a convincing work. It’s worth take a look at your project from a distance. If there is no doubt that what you see is exactly what you mean, you can continue. If you don’t have such confidence, you can do better.»