Naked Truth Nº200 —Andris Rubīns

At the end of August, we received good news from the advertising agency «DDB Latvia». It was recognized as the best creative and communications agency in the Baltics at the festival «BalticBest» in Tallinn and also earned six medals at the local Festival of Creative Excellence «Adwards». Andris Rubīns is the Managing Partner at the «DDB Latvija», Board Member of the Latvian Art Directors Club and one of the founders of «The Red Jackets», the support movement for Latvian exporting brands. On September 27, Andris will speak at the «FuckUp Nights Riga» event.

Naked Truths Editorial September 21, 2018

«Let’s leave the approach «Mine will be Mine» for the Latvian TV show with that name. The result of the creative process will be more powerful if you share your ideas, engage the team and address masters of particular genres, instead of trying to do all by yourself.»