Photo by Younès Klouche

The lifestyle apparel brand «senscommon» led by Latvian designer Laura Šilinska in collaboration with the Japanese textile company «Uchino» has released a clothing line of on–journey wear designed for travellers.

Stories Elīna Lībiete September 24, 2018

«senscommon» designs from textiles outwards. Their newest clothing line is an exclusive collaboration with «Uchino», utilising their innovative textile containing active charcoal. The charcoal powder from Japanese native Ubame oak is kneaded into cotton and rayon fibres before weaving. Through this process, the fibre gains self–purifying, anti–bacterial and odour–neutralizing qualities — moisture and environmental elements are absorbed and eliminated via numerous small pores found within the charcoal. The Japanese have been using the white charcoal powder in cooking, medicine and cosmetics since the 17th century. Yet «Uchino» is the first to engineer textile containing activated charcoal, which «senscommon» has utilised to design casual wear to wear on daily journeys and that focus on well–being.

The «on–journey wear» complements masculine wardrobe icons with functional details — curved fit, roomy pockets and flatlock seaming which make the line more durable. The matt gauze exterior and soft pile interior of the fabric lets it act like a second skin. Naturally greyed by the charcoal, the process uses no chemicals. Because of its self–purifying qualities and porous ability to eliminate certain impurities and elements, the «on–journey wear» is suitable for daily journeys long or short.

Garments from the «on–journey wear» line can be pre–ordered on the «senscommon» webpage or found visiting one of the stockists in Rotterdam, Stockholm or Berlin. «senscommon» has also designed a functional all–commute overcoat that was launched in production after being successfully funded on «Kickstarter».