Naked Truth Nº204 — Laima Jurča

On October 20, the winners of the international competition «Łódź Young Fashion Award» were announced. Art Academy of Latvia Fashion department student Laima Jurča with her fashion collection «Piecgades ģenerālmēģinājums» (trans. «Dress rehearsal of the five–year–plan») got the first place and a money prize of 30 000 euro to develop her creative career. This vivid collection also brought Laima a grant from «Swedbank Latvija» after the Art Academy of Latvia fashion show in June.

Naked Truths Editorial October 27, 2018

«When you have realised what makes you truly happy, invest your energy in it. To achieve my goals, I try to participate in various projects and competitions that might move me closer to the top. Recognition needs to be earned — it’s not a game of chance.»