Naked Truth Nº206 — Mārtiņš Saulespurēns

This week, with a conversation on identity, values, interdisciplinary thinking and sustainable design, the seventh season of the event series «A Word to Design» was opened at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. One of the participants was sound engineer and founder of companies «B.L.U.E. Microphones» and «Neat Microphones» Mārtiņš Saulespurēns. Several models of «B.L.U.E. Microphones» are on view at the museum, while a book on the company was published in 2015.

Naked Truths Editorial November 30, 2018

«Nothing is more important than personal contact and making a great first impression. Don’t look shabby and don’t wear yesterday’s shirt. Pay attention to your appearance and language. Create a belief that your product is unique but don’t say it’s «the best».»