Naked Truth Nº221 — Karine Kalniņa

This afternoon everyone interested is invited to attend the national finals of the «Creative Business Cup» competition that will take place at the Architecture and Media Centre «H20 6» in Riga. In July, one of the shortlisted participants, «Tooche», «YouPlayDo», «fertereX», «Woodpecker» or «Babbit», will represent Latvia in Copenhagen. The national finals are organized by the Creative Industries Incubator. Its new director Karine Kalniņa, who previously led the Cultural Policy Department’s Creative Industries Division of the Ministry of Culture, will be one of the jury members.

Naked Truths Editorial May 17, 2019

«The best way to notice and learn something new is to step out of one’s comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions but think and act by yourself.»