Photo by Sandijs Ruļuks

On Friday evening, the winners of the National Design Award of Latvia 2021 were awarded in five categories: product design, digital design, environmental and interior design, graphic design, as well as service, policy and strategy design. The main prize was awarded to the winners of the graphic design category Nord ID Riga for the book Stories in Sounds.

Stories Editorial May 28, 2021

Product Design

As the jury evaluated the submitted works remotely this year and they did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of the product design works in person, the 1st place was not nominated in this category. Three 2nd place winners were named instead.

Elpo air biofiltration system

Author — Elpo team. Learn more!

HappyMoon Climber transformable ladder for children

Author — Aleksejs Golovņovs. Learn more!

Thatday period underwear

Authors — Kintija Anna Bērzkalne, Līga Rīga. Learn more!

Digital Design

Grundd video game

Author — Olafs Ošs, team: Nikola Uzelac, Ed Watkins. Learn more!

Service, Policy & Strategy Design

Experiment Metropolis 3.0 — transition to a hybrid working model at Tet

Authors — Tet, team: Ingrīda Rone, Madara Zelčāne, Jeļena Solovjova, Edmunds Medvedevs, Anda Mūrniece, Agnese Lazareva. Learn more!

Environmental and Interior Design

Sculptural object Ghost Train

Authors — Reinis Liepiņš, Ilze Liepiņa, Mārtiņš Ostaņēvičs, Ainārs Plankājs, Ieva Landmane, Jurģis Prikulis, Arvis Sproģis. Learn more!

Graphic Design

Book Stories in Sounds

Authors — Nord ID Riga, team: Maija Rozenfelde, Anda Beitāne, Annija Bičule, Gunda Miķelsone, Artūrs Kondrāts, Amanda Zaeska. We already reported that the Nord ID Riga team had previously won a gold award in the international competition ADCE Awards for this work.

Special jury prizes

Digital platform to identify personalised breast cancer risks assessment

Author  — Linda Šeibe, team: Zlata Potiļicina, Uģis Bērziņš, Arnolds Bogdanovs. Learn more!

 Mental health awareness communications campaign Viss ir Norm.a

Authors — Marta Krivade, Una Rozenbauma, Svens Neilands, Aija Baumane. Learn more!

Wicker pavilion

Author — Didzis Jaunzems Architecture, team: Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega. Learn more! audience award

Augmented reality exhibition in Jaunauce manor

Author — Elīna Leiba–Lipsne, team — Overly, Inguna Balcere, Andra Ulme. Learn more!


The National Design Award of Latvia 2021 was organised by the Latvian Designer’s Society in cooperation and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.