Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

This week, the Latvian Pavilion TC Latvia was opened at the Venice Architecture Biennale, examining the supermarket as a phenomenon of architecture and contemporary consumer culture. One of the creators of the exhibition is the young architect Toms Kampars. Toms has completed architecture studies in Riga and Vienna, gained work experience in Copenhagen, London, and Ghana and recently established his practice in Riga. A significant part of an architect’s work is done in a digital environment, so Toms has chosen a three-dimensional modelling tool for the Nice Touch column.

Nice Touch Editorial May 20, 2023

«My digital architecture workbench is littered with various plug–ins. While many of them lose relevance over time, there is also one whose usefulness has been invaluable over the years. It is a scatter plugin for 3D modelling tools such as MultiScatter. A scatter tool can be easily used to simulate the reproduction of various individual units in a wide variety of conditions — whether creating a natural environment and urban context, or using it in the architecture or interior of a building, thus quickly replacing a large manual modelling or cloning operation. It is important to enter the correct input parameters, controlling the scatterer for your needs. For example, MultiScatter is able to follow a black and white image made by the user, where the individually created pattern determines the nature of the reproduction of elements.»