Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Magic is the largest creative agency in the Baltics, and for almost 30 years they have been creating compelling brand stories, humorous ads, as well as socially relevant campaigns that draw public attention to serious issues. The award-winning agency is headed by Andris Rubīns, who is actively involved in the development of the creative industries in Latvia and the Baltics. In the Nice Touch section, Andris talks about how to pass the time and learn something new at the same time.

Nice Touch Editorial June 7, 2024

«Some people lose it, but lately, I’ve been losing myself in podcasts. On weekends, while doing some housework or gardening, I listen to conversations about culture, brands, design, foreign policy, technology, psychology, business, photography, and life. I can go through about ten podcasts a weekend to have something to digest for a while. The garden almost mows itself; Riga-Tallinn is only three podcast episodes away, and by then I’ve gained some new thoughts or insights. My most-listened-to podcasts on Spotify at the moment include On Strategy, The Outside, Mediana, and Bize Vaļā for a break. Being in the creative industry means that my organism constantly needs to be recharged with new experiences and stories, even if they are not directly related to the current project or industry.»

Since 2004, Magic has been conducting extensive brand research, Brand Capital, and creating the Baltic Brand Top, which is considered one of the most important brand performance measurements in the Baltics. Andris and his colleagues have just launched their own podcast, Baltic Brand Talks, which will talk about global trends in creative fields and Baltic brands.