Photo by Roman Butym and Pavlo Kyryk

From July 5 to 27, the exhibition Validity Period will be on display at the DOM gallery in Riga. The project was realised by Ukrainian artists Roman Butym and Pavlo Kyryk in Krakow in 2021. For three months, the artists visited local household waste collection points, using discarded objects to create staged photographs.

Stories Editorial June 28, 2024

During the exhibition Validity Period, the DOM gallery space will be transformed into a metaphor for the future, where climate change has already become a reality, and environmental pollution has fundamentally altered the familiar landscape. The home has become a place of nostalgia for nature, and artifacts such as dried wildflowers or seeds have become valuable collectible items. In 2021, the project was nominated for the Fine Art Photography Awards.


During the exhibition, visitors will have a chance to participate in a charity raffle and buy exhibited photo prints. All income will be donated to the Come Back Alive Foundation, a professional volunteer organisation helping Ukraine win the war started by Russia.

Roman Butym is a Ukrainian photographer living in Krakow, Poland. Roman engages in artistic, advertising, and reportage photography. His works have been published on the Instagram of World Press Photo and in the online magazines Photo Vogue Italia and The Eye of Photography Magazine.


Pavlo Kyryk is a Ukrainian writer and graphic artist living in Krakow, Poland. He is a laureate of the Krakow City Artist Scholarship 2024 and the Smoloskyp Publishing House Literary Contest (Kyiv, 2016). He collaborated with the National Museum in Krakow, working in the digitisation department.


The exhibition Validity Period is on view at the DOM gallery from July 5 to 27. The opening will take place on July 5 at 19:00. The exhibition is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and Tālava Cider.