Latvian Art Directors Club and FOLD have joined forces to dedicate the last week of August to typeface design. From the 26th to 30th of august each day an educational and entertaining event will be held to bring forward typography.

Editorial Editorial August 22, 2013

During Riga Type Week, the initiator of the Baltic font catalog Miķelis Baštiks and graphic and font designer Mikus Vanags will give lectures about Latvian typography, there will be a chance to watch the documentary «Helvetica», but the headliners of the week are Edd Harrington and Anthony Sheret, founders of «Colophon Foundry». They will visit Riga to talk about their work and to lead a font design masterclass.

Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington established their graphic design studio «The Entente» in 2008. As the focus of their work from the beginning was typeface design, a year later the new typography talents founded «Colophon Foundry», to sell fonts created by themselves and other designers. The most popular of their fonts probably is «Aperçu», which has been used in the advertising materials of MoMA, «Jägermeister» and «Topshop». Works by «Colophon Foundry» have been exhibited in galleries and festivals all over the world; the company is so productive that each month they create a new font for the photography magazine «Hot Shoe Magazine».

We highly recommend to take part in the «Colophon Foundry» workshop, which is a rare opportunity to learn an unusual typography design method. The workshop requires no knowledge of type design or software — the modular and restrictive nature of a stencil typeface allows the forms to be quickly built up, using just cardboard and a knife. The participants will be working individually, one–to–one mentoring will be provided throughout the workshop. At the end, the results will be evaluated with the group.

Riga Type Week events:

August 26, 19.00

Lecture by Miķelis Baštiks («Asketic») on local experiments in typeface design.
FOLD, Tērbatas iela 65
Entrance is free, the lecture is in Latvian, register at

August 27, 17.00

Workshop «Stencil Typeface» by «Colophon Foundry», lead by Edd Harrington and Anthony Sheret. Materials will be provided, but it is recommended to bring a laptop. The workshop requires no knowledge of type design or software.
Art Academy of Latvia, Kalpaka bulvāris 13
Participation fee — 20 lats, the workshop is in English, register at

August 28, 14.00

An open FOLD interview with Edd Harrington and Anthony Sheret of «Colophon Foundry» — anyone can ask questions and join the discussion.
«Antalis» design centre, Baznīcas iela 14
Entrance is free, the conversation is in English, register at

August 28, 17.00

Lecture «Our way or the Bézier» by «Colophon Foundry»
Conference centre «Citadele», Republikas laukums 2a
Entrance fee — for LADC members free of charge, for individuals — 24 lats, for legal persons — 60 lats (VAT included), lecture is in English, register at

 August 29, 19.00

Lecture by Mikus Vanags («Domu zīmes») on his experience in typography.
FOLD, Tērbatas iela 65
Entrance is free, the lecture is in Latvian, register at

August 30, 19.00

Film «Helvetica»
«Kino Bize», KKC, Skolas iela 15
Entrance is free, the film is in English.


Riga Type Week is organised by LADC and FOLD, supported by British Council Latvia and «Antalis».