Visual identity of the exhibition by «H2E»

The new year has brought a noteworthy Latvian contemporary design exhibition series «Design manifestation», with the first of exhibitions, «Reputation», opening on January 8 at the National Library of Latvia and introducing the international success of Latvian design. Meanwhile the next exhibition, «Humanisation», is in preparation. It will contemplate the potential of design in everyday life and open on February 5 at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

Stories Editorial January 6, 2015

In four interrelated expositions — «Reputation», «Humanisation», «Information» and «Situation» — exhibition series «Design manifestation» will represent the performance of Latvian designers in the last decade in a never yet experienced scope. Each one of the expositions is devoted to a certain branch of design and a reflection of the current situation.

«Humanisation» at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (MDAD) will highlight Latvian design as a result of interdisciplinary work, at the same time trying to break the deep–seated view of design as an elitist phenomenon and outlining its presence in various spheres of life. The exhibition will emphasise the possibilities and advantages that need to be acknowledged and employed to increase the welfare of individuals and society, as well as the economic growth of Latvia. Thereby the authors of exhibition wish to stir a discussion about the rights to design of individuals, entrepreneurs, municipalities and the state in private and public space, informal and formal environment, as well as about the rights to quality in the broadest sense. The exhibition will be accompanied by design workshops and meetings for a diverse audience, as well as guided tours by curators and partners of the project, offering a look into the design process. «Humanisation» will display more than a hundred of Latvian design samples and services, uncovering the internal processes that demonstrate the wide usability of design and stimulate a discussion about a more purposeful cultivation of this potential. The exhibition will display various scenes of a person’s daily life by using Latvian design products, instruments and services.

Furthermore, a design manifest will be created at the venues of «Design manifestation» together with the visitors to record the current situation in the market of Latvian design products and services and to define the further development perspective of the field. The series «Design manifestation» also comprises an exhibition «Information» at the 1st floor exhibition hall of Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) from March 5 to 29, revealing the diverse aspects of Latvian graphic and service design, as well as an exhibition «Situation. Latvian design situation and success» at «Gors» Concert Hall in Rezekne from October 1 to 31. Exhibition «Reputation» at the National Library of Latvia in Riga, Mūkusalas iela 3 will be accessible only for attendees of the conferences of Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU from January 8 to July 5, but from July 6 to August 28 — to the general public. Exhibition «Humanization» — from February 6 to March 29 at the MDAD, Skārņu iela 10/20, Riga.

The exhibition series is carried out by lead designers of design office «H2E» and professors of AAL Holgers and Ingūna Eleri, design thinking specialist and associate professor at AAL Barbara Ābele, and head of Latvian Fashion Chamber and lecturer of School of Business and Finance in Riga Dita Danosa. The exhibitions are part of the Culture programme of Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU.