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The latest collection «Moving Light» by designer Anita Sondore is a tribute to the old eveningtime tradition, Latvian ethnographic heritage and craft traditions. It is an exploration into beauty, lightness and radiance.

Stories Evelīna Ozola June 29, 2015

«To stop, put the work aside and notice how the light dances around her neck, her ear lobes, fingertips and hands. How peaceful she is, how complete. In the early morning, the warm afternoon, at dusk and as the darkness approaches. Indescribable peace that’s full of life — light moving,» Anita Sondore describes the mood of her latest collection.

The inspiration for «Moving Light» comes from the ancient tradition of «eveningtime», when during the darkest months, generations would gather together in the candlelight and fantastic works of art would be created — embroidery, crochet and other finely crafted hand work. Meditative work would be interspersed with singing songs, telling serious stories and jokes, creating things that elicit wonder to this very day. The 18 carat gold and diamond earrings, pendants and rings are the designer’s attempt to find answers to these questions — what would it be like if this tradition were still alive today? What would be created? What would a modern woman — with her contemporary «baggage» and knowledge, create? What kinds of ornaments, signs, patterns would we crochet in silk, engrave in gold and silver, capture in diamonds and sapphires?