Naked Truth Nº96—Elīna Brasliņa

The witty children’s book illustrations by Elīna Brasliņa excites both young readers and adults. In April Elīna participated in the creation of Latvian national stand for the international Bologna Children’s Book Fair, where book series «Art Detectives» with illustrations by Elīna were also exhibited. Until May 22 her works can be seen at the Kaņepes Culture Centre, where an exhibition «Hard–to–discipline books» takes place, showcasing works by graduate students of the Art Academy of Latvia Department of Graphic Art.

Naked Truths Editorial May 6, 2016

«If you get bored in a lecture or meeting, start to draw people around you — it will be both exercise and entertainment. If you are too tired, draw in your mind — what would the lady, who sits next to you in a trolleybus, look like if she’d appeared in a picture book?»