Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

In a new column, creative industry professionals share objects, services, places, tools, software, and other good things that they have chosen to use, because a small but important nuance makes them stand out. A pen that’s nice to hold in your hand, an app that helps to organise your day, or a table lamp that always stays in the desired position — there are things that make our work and life a little easier and more beautiful. The first Nice Touch is highlighted by architect Marija Katrīna Dambe from Nomad.

Nice Touch Editorial April 28, 2023

After studying architecture in Austria and Norway, Marija Katrīna Dambe, together with architect Florian Betat, founded the architecture office Nomad. At the heart of their practice is functional, sustainable, and affordable architecture that uses local resources and strives to limit the amount of waste generated. In order to promote public awareness of sustainable construction, Marija regularly speaks at various events and educates future professionals by leading workshops for students. Nomad architects have developed guidelines for circular construction, as well as conducted an exhaustive feasibility study for a circular renovation pilot project in Riga.

«Since 2014, when I returned to my parents house in Latvia during a study break and found the small Makita case with a pink drill under my pillow, it has «participated» in every small and large project — in the development of study work, in the construction of my apartment, and my work with Nomad. Although small and frivolous in terms of colour, it can conquer any material. The small size also means less weight, so it’s easy to keep the drill level when I need to drill a hole standing on my toes. Of course, I must also mention its photogenic looks, which fit very well into Instagram stories and make students smile.»