Naked Truth Nº118 — Anete Melece

Anete Melece is an animation artist and director, whose works stand out with witty details, charming characters and sincere stories. Her latest animation film «Analysis Paralysis» with the indecisive Anton as the main character has already received awards at the film festivals in Switzerland and the UK this autumn. Meanwhile, according to the latest news, the animation film has also been qualified for the Academy Awards’ Best Animated Short Film.

Naked Truths Editorial November 4, 2016

«An idea has entered your mind. How to determine whether it’s good or one that the world could do without? It’s simple. If this idea travels down your neck into the chest, the abdomen, into the arms and legs, and makes the whole body dance with joy, then you must implement it. If not, devote your time and effort to something else.»