Naked Truth Nº124 — Marija Ručevska

From February 9 to 10 one of the central start–up events in the Baltics, the sixth annual conference «TechChill 2017», will take place at the National Library of Latvia in Riga. This time it will gather more than 40 speakers, inspiring industry key–figures from all over the world, as well as 50 investors, business angels and others, including entrepreneurs, students, tech enthusiasts and media. Marija Ručevska, CEO of «TechChill», sees the conference as a platform for networking and exchange of ideas.

Naked Truths Editorial January 6, 2017

«In start–up environment everything is about how carefully and systematically you make contacts with other players in the field, especially with investors and business angels. The three magic steps to create a successful collaboration are: «Kick off–Catch up–Make a Deal».»