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Nordic–Baltic Mobility programme in the field of Culture supports creative network building, artists’ residencies and mobility of professional art and culture practitioners in all artistic fields. The applications for mobility grants are open until mid–February.

Support Editorial January 12, 2017

Mobility grants for trips in Baltic and Nordic countries

The provided financial support covers travelling and staying expenses for 1 to 10 days long visits. The mobility programme offers funding to professional artists working in all art forms and genres, authors, translators, curators, producers, cultural editors and researchers etc. of the Baltic and Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland).

The module provides funding for both individuals, and groups (up to 6 persons) if all the participants are travelling at the same time from the same place to the same destination. Funding is not in principle granted to civil servants or officials at state authorities and organisations and students.

Amount of the grant depends on the average staying and travelling expenses in each country. The earliest possible date of travel is 2 months after the application deadline. The module is open for applications from January 12 to February 13, 2017.

Support for artist residencies

The idea behind this support is that residencies in the Nordic–Baltic region are able to receive professional artists and other cultural stakeholders from other Nordic and Baltic countries. The funding is available for residency organisations as well as organisations, institutions and groups working on new residency initiatives in the field of the arts and culture. The funding covers travel, subsistence and other expenses directly related to the artist. The centres are allowed to select the artists based on their own criteria — they may be individual artists or small groups. The module is open for applications from January 12 to February 13, 2017.

Network funding

The overall objective of the programme is to make it possible for people in the arts and culture in the Nordic and Baltic countries to work together, forge partnerships and learn from each other. The networking activities may include a series of joint meetings, conferences, workshops, staff exchanges, joint training, etc. The network must consist of partners from at least three Nordic/Baltic countries. The short–term network funding is available to networks planning to work together for up to one year. The maximum amount of the project is 20.000 euro and the maximum proportion of the total budget funded by Nordic Culture Point is 70%. Networks that receive short–term funding may apply for long–term funding later on. One can apply for the short–term network funding from January 19 to February 20, 2017.


More information on all modules as well as application forms can be found on the Nordic Culture Point website.