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After a successful start in the past year, this summer, Kuldīga Creative Summer School will continue to educate young creatives by offering four workshops led by both Latvian and foreign tutors and guest lecturers.

Stories Editorial May 26, 2017


The second Kuldīga Creative Summer School will be launched on June 26 with weeklong «Service design» workshop by Viesturs Celmiņš. The workshop will focus on design thinking, the service design methodology, service analysis, service testing and service creation. Participants will face real life service design challenges, including the analysis of the local circumstances, customers, and tools needed to gradually improve the given situation. By learning to solve real life problems in the service industry, the workshop will promote an understanding of design thinking, and highlight the challenges in developing the best solutions in modern design for a user–oriented service. Previous knowledge or experience in the design field is not required.

At the same time, service design workshop for children «Kids for kids» by Stefan Moritz will take place from June 26 to 29. Over four days, children participating in the workshop will learn basic service design methods by solving problems that are topical and understandable to them.

Additional lectures on themes related to design thinking and creativity during Kuldīga Creative Summer School Vol. 2 will be held by Karina Vissonova, Krišjānis Mazurs, and others.


The third Kuldīga Creative Summer School will take place from August 13 to 18. It will feature the workshop for designers and artists on self–presentation and communication «The visible Persona» by Jens Roth. The workshop will provide insight to artists and designers on how to communicate values and concerns. The participants will learn the SourceTuning technique to get in touch with their bodies and learn to express intuitive knowledge. They will practice conducting interviews in front of the camera and learn improvisation skills.

Another workshop «The Stich», devoted to exposition and product design, will be held by interior designer Mareks Birznieks. In 2018, the Kuldīga Municipality hopes to open the Needle Factory Museum. Together with the tutor participants will work individually or in small groups on the development of exhibition concepts, including interactive elements, and learn to prototype their ideas. The objects created during the workshop will later be displayed in the Needle Factory Museum.

Additional lectures on themes related to design thinking and creativity will be held by Elīna Dobele, Lauris Gundars, Liene Jākobsone and others.

The registration for «The visible Persona», «The Stich» and «Service design» workshop is open until June 5 via e–mail. «The Stich» and «Service design» workshops fees are 330 euros per each, while the cost of «The visible Persona» workshop is 600 euro. Price includes five nights at a hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All workshops will be held at Kuldīga Artists Residence, Pils iela 2, Kuldīga. The Creative Summer School is organised by Kuldīga Artists’ Residence with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation, Art Academy of Latvia, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

More information is available on Kuldīga Artists Residence’s Facebook page.