Naked Truth Nº166 — Jānis Godiņš

This year, the data visualisation tool «Infogram», the winner of the first National Design Award of Latvia, merged with the visual presentation platform «Prezi». Recently, «Infogram» has also launched its updated version, thus marking the biggest changes in the company’s product since its inception in 2012. The new version provides more creative freedom, a wider variety of outputs, and many effortless designer templates to make communications more engaging and effective. Jānis Godiņš is the Head of Design at «Infogram».

Naked Truths Editorial November 24, 2017

«In the 21st century, the field of design has become so wide and challenging that, perhaps, we once again are in a situation in which we need to burn down some chair* and symbolically destroy the borders of the outdated understanding of design.»

*«Lassú» chair by Alessandro Mendini.