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The exhibition «National Design Award of Latvia 2018» is still on view at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design until May 20. One of the competition’s twenty finalists is a book «Boy and his dog. Story of a secret untold» (in Latvian — «Puika ar suni. Stāsts par nosargātu noslēpumu»), written by Inese Zandere and illustrated by Reinis Pētersons.

Stories Editorial May 11, 2018

The novel «Boy and his dog. Story of a secret untold» will be published in sequels in three separate, simple brochures by the publishing house «Liels un mazs» in collaboration with Žanis Lipke Memorial.

The book is based on true events and tells the story of Žanis Lipke’s son Zigfrīds Ojars or simply Zigis who helped his father hide Jews during World War II. The idea behind the design was to evoke a feeling of the time and events through purely visual means. First, a reader has to cut the pages open to uncover the secret that is mentioned in the book’s title, but it is also a common printing practice of the time. The yellowish colour palette was chosen to make the illustrations by Reinis Pētersons look aged, while the childish, stiff and awry figures represent Zigis’ perspective.

Currently, the book is exhibited among other finalists of the National Design Award of Latvia at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga. Its design, created by Rūta Briede and Artis Briedis, is highly appreciated by the jury of the award. The jury’s member, art theoretician and curator Kaspars Vanags says: «Design dictated by the poverty of war is ethically debatable but fascinating as educational material». While designer Artis Briedis is happy that «a book with such a quiet visual appearance is noticed and acknowledged».

Together with the premiere of the film «The Mover» (in Latvian «Tēvs Nakts») by the acclaimed director Dāvis Sīmanis, the publishing house «Liels un mazs» will publish all three novels in hardcover.

The book «Boy and his dog. Story of a secret untold» can be purchased at the publishing house «Liels un mazs», Tērbatas iela 49/51–12, Rīga, as well as on its homepage and in bookstores.