Naked Truth Nº207 — Inga Bodnarjuka–Mrazauskas

This has been a productive year for Latvian literature. Latvia was one of the Market Focus countries at the London Book Fair, its publicity campaign #iamintrovert was also a success, not to mention dozens of books that have been translated into 25 languages. This month, Latvian Literature Month takes place at Riga International Airport, while on December 22 «Latvian Literature» invites to the first ever Latvian Introverted Carnival at the concert hall «Tu jau zini Kur». Inga Bodnarjuka–Mrazauskas is the Executive manager of the Latvian literature export platform «Latvian Literature».

Naked Truths Editorial December 7, 2018

«Believe in what you do, look broadly but don’t lose sight of the target. Accept challenges, learn all the time and perceive mistakes as a normal part of your work and life. And most importantly — smile!»