Naked Truth Nº216 — Atis Garklāvs

In March, the awards ceremony of one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions, the iF Design Award, was held, drawing attention to particularly well–designed industrial products. The unique and innovative «leg&go» wooden children’s bike received iF Gold Award among 6375 entries from 52 countries as one of the most outstanding products for kids, and the jury described it as «just amazing and versatile». The Chief Designer and creator of «leg&go» bike is Egons Garklavs, while Atis Garklāvs is the CEO and production manager of the company.

Naked Truths Editorial March 30, 2019

«Success will come if you’ll do what you love, maintain the creativity and perseverance. If you’ll accept mediocrity and superficiality in your work, you will not achieve excellence. Real success does not tend to be accidental.»