Photo by Artūrs Kondrāts

The latest collection «Melancholia III — Ethnography» by fashion designer Iveta Vecmane that explores the everlasting qualities of cultural heritage is a continuation of her previous works «Melancholia I» and «Melancholia II».

Stories Editorial May 21, 2019

The latest collection «Melancholia III — Ethnography» by fashion designer Iveta Vecmane blends the historical heritage with contemporary fashion trends. It is inspired by the colours, silhouettes, pleating styles and techniques that were used in Latvian traditional costumes in the 18th and 19th century. The designer points out that order to create something new one has to look back in the past. The dominant colours are black, red and grey, while the cuts are very feminine yet laconic.

Iveta founded her own fashion brand «Iveta Vecmane» in 2017 when her first collection «Melancholia I» was presented. It brought her also the title of «Debutant of the Year» at the «Latvian Fashion and Style Awards 2017» competition.

Since then the designer has stuck to her idea to create fashion for classy and modern women: «My mission is to work with elegant and classic silhouettes, by creatively manipulating with various garments and using different techniques. I want to create a timeless product that also goes hand in hand with the philosophy of slow fashion».

For more than a decade, Iveta Vecmane has also worked as a stylist, collaborating with recognized fashion magazines and taking part in photo and video projects related to fashion, art and advertising. While the collection «Melancholia III — Ethnography» is her master’s degree project at the Art Academy of Latvia Fashion Department. This week, the collection will be presented at the annual student’s fashion show, taking place on May 23 at the Riga Art Space, and at the showroom at the Academy on May 24.