«Searchers» by Valdis Brože. Publicity photo

The Latvian contemporary jewellery designer Valdis Brože has received the prestigious «Autor Award» in the «Joya Balcelona Art Jewellery & Objects» event — the most important international contemporary art jewellery forum in Spain.

Stories Editorial November 11, 2019

«Joya» is a platform for interaction and discussion and a meeting point for jewellery designers, gallery representatives and collectors. 300 carefully selected jewellery designers participated in the exhibition from all over the world, and Valdis Brože was among them with the collection «Searchers». It addresses historical contexts, which coincides with the main theme of «Joya» this year — the communicative meaning of contemporary jewellery when it is not only a decoration for the body but a cultural manifestation as well.

The jewellery collection «Searchers» uses a magnifying glass — the artist’s interpretation of looking into the past. The lenses are focused on materials found in the Latvian nature and tangible historical marks. The beginnings of the collection already appeared in the designer’s personal exhibition «Imprints» showcased in the gallery «Putti» that we wrote about last year.

Valdis Brože is a graduate of the Visual Communication Department of the Art Academy of Latvia who has become a well-known contemporary designer. Brože works with gold, silver, different precious and semi-precious gemstones, often uses enamel and playful colours.