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From December 6, 2019 to February 11, 2020, «Putti» art gallery will host the exhibition «Star Luster in Your Window». It will feature works both by Latvian and foreign jewellery artists, who are united in their search for inspiration in the starry winter sky.

Stories Editorial December 5, 2019

The winter exhibition at «Putti» will reveal artists’ dreams, wishes, thoughts and reflections on the interaction between man and nature. The winter night, with its beauty, mystery and delightful depths, has served as a powerful source of inspiration for the exhibited jewellery designers.


The Italian jewellery designer Gigi Mariani spontaneously incorporates his everyday emotions into jewellery. They are as different as the stars in the sky, so the inspiration never ends. Mariani uses the contrast between geometric form and textures of materials to create unique and sculptural works. Liisa Hashimoto from Japan finds inspiration for creating jewellery in nature and all the seasons. She is inspired by the winter, the uniqueness of a snowflake, a snow-covered forest full of silence, and snow that squeals as one leaves a footprint in it. Hashimoto’s jewellery is most often made of silver, copper and brass.


Reka Lőrincz’s (Hungary) jewellery is a form of communication between her inner self and the outside world. The works depict the artist’s thoughts, emotions, and impulses of the environment. For Simeon Shomov (Bulgaria), sketching is an important part of his work process and he mainly works with silver. The artist creates textures and patterns that, when layered and soldered together, create playful symbolic stories.


Art gallery «Putti» is located in Riga, Peitavas iela 5. It was founded in 2000.