Photo by Miks Užāns

Continuing the theme of strong and independent women, fashion designer Indra Komarova has dedicated her latest collection to female astronauts. The collection visualises reflections on the interplay of the functional and the decorative in women’s clothing, as well as the role of professionalism and sexuality in everyday life.

Stories Editorial May 19, 2020

The source of inspiration for the collection was the news from March 2019 when the first all-female spacewalk got cancelled due to the lack of appropriate spacesuits. «These news seemed so absurd that I thought it was a joke at first. However, women face similar situations every day. A woman should not live in a men’s world, but simply in a world where things, jobs and situations are designed for her as well,» believes Indra Komarova, founder of «Talented».


Over the time, women’s living space has expanded from the family home to space stations, but with the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, people of both sexes have been “trapped” inside the house. This also brings about changes in the wardrobe. The brand’s characteristic classic men’s shirt-inspired women’s clothing is this time complemented by organic cotton sweaters and vests. The photo session of the collection was also made in self-isolation conditions.