Fungible Non Fungible pavillion at TAB 2022 by iheartblob. Photo by Tõnu Tunnel

The Estonian Centre for Architecture launches the Curatorial Competition for the 7th international Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB 2024), in order to select and appoint its Head Curator and Head Curatorial Team. Competitors will propose a suitable theme with a view to organising next year’s festival. The competition deadline is April 4.

Stories Editorial February 1, 2023

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale, organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture (ECA), is an international architecture festival held since 2011. The festival contributes to creating and promoting a high–quality built environment by addressing timely issues, providing a platform for discussion, bringing together top players, delving into the present and future, and introducing local architectural culture. TAB 2024 takes place between September and November. It consists of a main programme curated by a team of curators and a separate satellite programme.


The TAB 2024 curatorial competition aims to find the best theme for the seventh biennale and a team of curators to organise the event. The main events will reveal the curator’s ideas not only in architecture but in society at large. The curator(s) of TAB 2024 will be expected to choose and flesh out a theme for the biennale, create and curate content, and bring in exhibition and symposium participants. In addition to setting the theme, the team will curate the following events, which form the conceptual core of TAB: Curatorial Exhibition, TAB Catalogue, Installation Competition, Tallinn Vision Competition and Symposium. The curatorial fee for the activities outlined is 28,000 euros. ECA provides production support to the curators throughout the biennale.


TAB aims to:

  • promote a high–quality built environment;
  • provide an international platform for Estonian architecture;
  • highlight new ways of thinking and create a vision in the field of architecture.


The curatorial competition is public and open to everyone. The team of curators should include at least one person who is well–versed in Estonian architecture and speaks Estonian. If the team participating in the competition does not have such a person, the ECA will help the curators find a suitable person after the conclusion of the curatorial competition. The competition consists of two stages. For Stage I, the teams will submit a written entry, and for Stage II, they will present it orally to the jury. The jury may cancel Stage II if the winner can be determined in Stage I.


On February 14th, at 16.00 (Tallinn) via Zoom, ECA will share more information on the conditions of the competition, TAB 2022’s Head Curator Areti Markopoulou will share her experience as a curator, and Kaidi Põldoja, Head of the Spatial Planning and Design Department at the Tallinn Strategic Management Office, will talk more about the Vision Competition and its collaboration with the City of Tallinn. Find the link via the TAB webpage.


The competition entries must be submitted in both Estonian and English. The deadline for developing the concept of the biennale and submitting the corresponding draft in writing is April 4th, at 20.00 (Tallinn). Competition entries must be submitted digitally to More information about the competition — on the TAB website.