Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Artūrs Tols and Kristiāna Erta founded their architecture studio only last year, but Studio Sija has already realised several interesting public space projects — an unusual children’s playground and the Field of Vision exhibition design at the Zuzeum Art Centre. In the Nice Touch section, Artūrs shares the Rhinoceros shortcuts that help modelling go quickly and smoothly.

Nice Touch Editorial October 13, 2023

«I’ve been using Rhinoceros for architectural design since my undergraduate studies, and I couldn’t imagine using it without personalised shortcuts. There are more than a hundred of them, and they are designed for left-hand keys so that all the functions I need can be typed quickly and without taking my other hand off the mouse. The computer interface doesn’t have to be a barrier to translating an idea into reality, and anyone can work on drawings and models like a pianist once they have learned the shortcuts they need for their daily work.»

Artūrs Tols holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Liverpool and a Master of Architecture from the prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture. Two of his and Kristiāna Erta’s works are currently on public display: together, they have created the installation for the exhibition Field of Vision at the Zuzeum Art Centre, while the recently completed installation–playground will remain in Purvciems for another two years. The Rhinoceros shortcut list can be downloaded on the Studio Sija website.