Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Dita Danosa, head of the Latvian Design Centre, aims to develop the Latvian design industry by helping those working in the field combine creativity with a strategic approach. Currently, one of Dita’s most important tasks is to organise the National Design Award of Latvia and the associated events. In the Nice Touch section, Dita shares a tool that helps make the planning process more creative.

Nice Touch Editorial October 20, 2023

«My daily work is organising various events and projects for the Latvian Design Centre and the National Design Award of Latvia. Whether I’m working on a presentation of recent design innovations, assembling a jury, planning an award ceremony, or an international collaboration project, it all starts with an idea, which I usually write down on a piece of paper. Planning involves many different aspects, and the number of idea notes grows quickly. To make it easier to review and organise them, I use the Miro platform, which allows me to group and move the notes freely, creating new branches of thought around a central idea. Organising ideas in Miro is a creative process, like drawing or playing, which helps unlock ideas and makes the planning process more free and interesting.»

The autumn round of applications for the National Design Award of Latvia 2024 is open until October 31. Entries can be submitted in five categories: product design, service design, communication design, environmental design, and digital solutions. More information is available on the National Design Award of Latvia website.